CreaTour Georgia-7 Day Tour

7 day In-depth Cultural Tour of Western Georgia

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CreaTour Georgia - Tour Approach for Country Exploration

CreaTour project “Georgia” answers the still developing trends of Creative and Cultural Tourism and takes the concept to a whole new level. Goal is to explore and experience the visited country intensely in depth and in a meaningful way.

In this age of progressive introspection happening worldwide with regards to rethinking of history, heros and ideals, the concept of greatness is not any longer immediately sought in powers and people who managed to conquer, colonise and build empires. In the great journey of exploration perhaps the concept of higher meaning of life itself should be one of the main objects of discovery. Transformational rethinking does require a fresh view.

CreaTour tour, in essence, is not about a single country (in this case Georgia). Really, we would like it to be about seeing, experiencing and learning about ourselves (in terms of our individuality or common humanity) through the experience of other people and understanding about our own cultural origin and the world through the journey of a single country. Achievement of this goal takes a very certain approach and perspective of Program planning – in general, our focus is perception building rather than factual data and information.

We have a limited time-space of the tour and accordingly, choosing the right angle for presentation (subject/theme) and interpretation (insight) is an absolute key for thought-provoking, insight-building, new-meaning discovering experience – this is a fundamental inspiration for our project.

Telling the whole story of a country in a 7 days tour especially when the country has identifiable roots stretching back to at least 8 thousand years is clearly an impossible task. But a time-window is all there is in life and, since it is the quality of experience that matters most, we shall be prepared to tell our story within a given time convincingly or be destined to be ignored.

CreaTour is thought to be a different kind of tour. We do not consider major sites, iconic names, popular sightseeings and attractions necessarily as the places where true meanings and feelings of visited cultures are found. We intend to go well beyond superficial endeavours. Powerful insight, special authenticity and real feel of the place are the main points of discovery of this adventure.

We will uncover an Insight of mythology that still holds powerful roots in national consciousness and identity of Georgians - which is fascinating in our “supposedly scientific” age;
Wine, cuisine and folk are some of the main themes of our tour. Not only are these sources of dazzling entertainment but in the case of Georgia they are also the most notable expressions of cultural identity rooted into the national psyche by thousands of years of tradition and has been acclaimed as world class by international experts.

Amongst above-mentioned historical, cultural and social trends we have kept the sight of “real people” - some will participate in the tour and others will come across it - to capture characters, views, traditions and social conventions in some most authentic environments.

Thoroughly researched and carefully designed presentations will be presented by tour hosts that have been diligently handpicked and prepared for the tour for each visited location.
Presentations aimed at objectivity will also allow the space for hearing opinions of prominent Georgian historians, poets, writers, artists, culture scholars and intellectuals answering specifically for the guests of the tour on selected culturology topics.

All the experience will be hosted in many ways special locations, spaces, designs and accompanied by unforgettable performances dedicated specifically to CreaTour guests.

This rich compilation built for in-depth insight development about Georgia promises a truly fascinating story through an intellectually and aesthetically Intense experience.

By the end of the tour you will have a special insight of the country, intense experience of its culture, close familiarity with its people and real feel of its nature. 

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